Street Races

Street races include everything from your casual 5K race, all the way up to a marathon, and can consist of anywhere from a few dozen runners to a few thousand.


I myself used to be an avid runner, and I wish that I had better photos of myself on the race course. As such, I now love being able to shoot these events and provide everyday runners with professional quality photos so that they don't have to have that same regret. Instead, they will have wonderful photos to share with friends and family of their accomplishment.

Most of my experience is being a course photographer, shooting individual participants throughout the course, although I will also shoot posed finish-line shots and promo material for the event if desired.


Obstacle Course Races

Obstacle course races are exactly what they sound like: a race course that is sprinkled with a variety of extra obstacles that participants must complete to reach the finish. They are a great way to add extra variety and challenge to your everyday race.


Not only do added obstacles make OCRs fun for the participants, but they are also a blast to photograph. Capturing people crawling through pits of mud, swinging on ropes over a pit of water, or carrying their fellow participants along the course is a great twist on standard race photography, and provides unique challenges that help me grow as a photographer. 


As with standard Street Races, much of my experience is being a course photographer. I have shot a variety of events, from Tough Mudder to Rugged Maniac, on many different types of obstacles. I also shoot posed finish-line shots and promo material for the event if desired.


Field Sports

I am currently looking for opportunities to expand into general sports photography (soccer, football, baseball, etc.). If you have a sporting event you would like for me to shoot, please don't hesitate to contact me!