Breckenridge Road Marathon 2018

Last weekend was a big event for me for many reasons! Last Friday, I flew out to Colorado to photograph the 2018 Breckenridge Road Marathon.

The race itself was a lot of fun, simply because it was up in the absolutely gorgeous Rocky Mountains, made even more beautiful by the arrival of fall in Breckenridge. The aspen trees were all an incredible golden yellow, and it just about killed me to have to fly back home right after the race.

However, aside from all of that, this race held two big new firsts for me: being sent out of state for a photo job, and getting to lead a race event for the first time! (Yes, technically I work across state lines quite frequently, but living in the KC area kind of makes both Missouri and Kansas my home. Traveling several hundred miles to Colorado is a much bigger deal!)

As I’ve mentioned before, I shoot these race events through my friend’s photography business (John Kelly Photos). Throughout this year, John has started having me work more events and begin doing some promo work, preparing me to take the next step to be a team lead at some events. This was my first opportunity to do so, and it went very well!

I guess that I should give the caveat that I was married to the only other photographer that John sent to the event, but it still meant a lot to me to be able to lead an event myself. I am personally very proud of my work, but being trusted to take this next step, especially when that step also included a flight out of state, really gave me affirmation that I’m doing a good job with my race photos.

Anyway, sorry for tooting my own horn a bit there. Here are some photos from the event! Enjoy!

Corey MatzatComment