Sunflowers at Grinter Farms

Now that I live in the Sunflower State, I figured that it was about time that I took some sunflower photos! Fortunately, there is a nearby farm that plants a lovely field of sunflowers and graciously opens up their field to the public.

I’ve been out to the field a few times this season, but my favorite photos came from a few weeks ago when a storm front was moving through the area. I timed my arrival to just miss the rain, but still capture the dark, moody clouds looming over the bright yellow flowers.

Before I go, I would like to sincerely thank Grinter Farms for opening up their fields to the public. There is no fee to see the sunflowers, only a recommended donation if you pick some of the flowers. I also need to take a moment to urge people to please respect places like this. Sadly, similar farms that are open to the public have been horribly mistreated, resulting in the fields being closed to everyone. It really is a wonderful experience to walk through a huge field of sunflowers, but if you trample fields and don’t follow the requests of the landowners, you are prohibiting others from having that experience. No photo is worth that price.