Go Girl Run KC 2018

Hey everyone, I’m back!

This past weekend, I was back out on the job photographing the Go Girl Run here in Kansas City. It was a pretty standard street race, comprised of a 5K and half marathon.

This was one of those events that reaffirmed my love for race course photography. First of all, a cold front recently entered the area here in KC, so the weather during the event was a nice teaser for fall. This also was my first standard road race in a while, so it was nice to get back to the basics.

I pretty much enjoy shooting any race, but this one ended up being particularly enjoyable because so many of the participants were out there having fun. Most of my time was spend out on the half marathon course, and despite being positioned near the end of the race, nearly every participant was smiling, waving, or jumping in the air when they saw me taking their picture. They may be tired, but they were happy to be out there conquering a half marathon, which is no easy feat! Not only is their joy contagious, but it makes me happy knowing that their photos show them triumphantly running their race with a smile. Those are the kinds of photos that people love to share.

So, does it suck to have my alarm wake me up at 5AM on a weekend? Yeah, there’s no getting around that fact. But knowing that I’m capturing an important moment for these runners more than makes up for losing a bit of sleep.

One final note, sorry for my long, unexpected hiatus. I’ll explain a bit more what has been going in a blog post next week, but for now, just know that I am back, and you can expect at least one blog post per week for the foreseeable future!