Visiting Vedauwoo

The next stop on my summer Colorado vacation wasn’t even in Colorado. My family ended up getting a bit tired of the crowds in Colorado Springs, so we decided to head to a much lesser known destination in Wyoming - the Vedauwoo Recreation Area.

My family actually stumbled upon this place on our way to Grand Teton several years ago. We saw crazy rock formations off the highway and were tired of sitting in the car for hours, so we decided to check it out. Now, the Vedauwoo area is one of our favorite places to visit!

Because we were staying rather far away, I didn’t get a chance to take too many photos, but I managed to get a few that I’m happy to share. The landscape is just so beautiful and unique that it can be hard to know exactly what to photograph!


As a bonus, one of the most exciting parts of this particular trip was finding some moose off of the trail! This was the first time that my wife got to see moose in the wild, so she was very excited!


I’ll be back later this week to finish off the summer vacation series with some photos from a hike to Mohawk Lakes!