Puppy Portraits - Jasper (Colorado Springs)

Finn isn’t the only puppy that I’ve photographed! This summer during a family trip to Colorado, I did a quick shoot of my parents’ English Cream Golden Retriever, Jasper.

Rather than trying to get some standard portraits or posed photos of Jasper with my parents, the focus of this shoot was just to capture Jasper doing some of his favorite activities: playing fetch and doing agility work.

We found a dog park in Colorado Springs that allowed us to take Jasper off-leash, and I spent about twenty minutes getting photos of this crazy dog! One shot my parents wanted in particular was Jasper’s “fetch face”. When he is waiting for you to throw him the ball, Jasper always runs and hides, and then watches you with a very particular facial expression. To my parents’ delight, I got lots of photos that captured “fetch face” perfectly!

…although there were plenty of rather derpy photos as well…you can’t always be photogenic while playing fetch!

I actually really enjoyed shooting Jasper at the dog park in Colorado. The terrain was a combination of slightly orange gravel and pale green plant growth. The muted terrain allowed Jasper to really pop with his bright white coat without being distracted by a colorful background.

It was also a lot of fun to be doing a shoot for a grown dog instead of a puppy. Even though puppies are undoubtedly adorable, having a dog that will listen to your commands (i.e. a dog that you can at least attempt to pose) is extremely helpful!

This definitely won’t be the last time you see Jasper on the blog. One of these days, I might even share some of the puppy photos I took of him when my parents first brought him home!