Exploring Garden of the Gods

Part of the reason that I wanted to share Jasper’s pictures earlier this week had to do with the location. As I mentioned in the post, I took these photos of Jasper on a family trip to Colorado! I took a bunch of photos on this trip, but never did get a chance to post them.

As it so happens, I am currently back in Colorado on a short vacation with my wife. Don’t worry, I’ll be posting photos from this trip eventually, but figured that this would at least be a good time to share photos from the last trip! Over the next week or so, I’ll write up a few posts with photos from a few particular days of the trip.

To start things off, here are photos from Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

This is an absolutely beautiful park that is well worth a visit. Unfortunately, we arrived right as the sun was getting ready to set, which meant I had to scramble to get some photos before it got too dark. The lighting wasn’t optimal, but I’m still fairly pleased with the results. I’m definitely hoping to go back one day with more time so I can get even better photos!

Fortunately, even though lighting made the landscape photos somewhat difficult, I had a few good wildlife encounters that were fun to shoot!